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After consulting with our clients and attaining a through understanding of their wishes, our first step is to formulate a through design concept and sub theme. As well as producing all the standard design plans such as floor plans, elevation plans and renderings, we also offer creating scale models to make absolutely sure of how the finished space will look before starting work on it. This process of checking and amending at every stage enables us to get as close as possible to our clients' true wishes and ensures a finished interior that's even better than they'd imaged.

カフェ -

大阪・肥後橋のインテリアデザイン事務所と小さなブックカフェです。 このカフェは当デザイン事務所がデザインする空間やディテールを体感してもらうため、デザインと施工を自ら行いました。


Interior Bookworm Cafe is a cafe and interior design agency in Higobashi, Osaka.

To give a feel of the kind of interiors we can create and our attention to detail, we’ve designed and built the entire space ourselves from scratch.

The walls of our cafe are covered in a selection of the design magazines imported from all over the world that have served as inspiration for us in our creations. All the magazines are for sale, and you are more than welcome to browse through them over a coffee.

Please free to come in and have a chat with us about any aspect of our interior design work.

ブックショップ -





Each month we add to our hand-picked selection of imported magazines and journals, which we are always consulting in our bid to become ever-better designers! We currently have about 500 magazines in the cafe, including 77 titles from over 14 different countries, with a focus on interior design and also encompassing topics such cooking, crafts, graphic design, lifestyle and culture. Because magazines are published monthly, we find them a great way of keeping up with the latest news and information, and of course it's also great fun to go poring through our wide selection of back issues in search of hidden gems. We recommend exploring our collection over a coffee, but if you find something that takes your fancy, our magazines are also for sale. If there's a particular kind of magazine you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask us!
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